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Register by 11/30 for MU Public Health Registry Reporting

Eligible Providers must register their intent to submit to a public health registry within the first 60 days of their MU reporting period to meet MU Objective 10 Measure 3. Now, the Illinois Prescription Drug Monitoring (ILPMP) is a registry option. ILPMP has been approved as a specialized registry, regardless of whether an EP dispenses controlled substances/submits data to the registry.

EPs participating in MU may register intent to report to ILPMP and other Illinois Public Health registries in MURS within the first 60 days of their 2017 MU reporting period. If the registry you select isn’t yet collecting data you can provide, then registering with MURS is enough to satisfy a public health measure until the registry requests that EPs move forward with enrollment and EHR integration. If you are already registered, testing, or sending data to a registry for MU, you do not need to re-register in MURS.

Another resource that can be used as a specialized registry is the National Health Care Surveys. To see other options, view a list of approved registries.



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