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INSPIRE, Intervention in Small Primary Care Practices to Implement Reduction in Unhealthy Alcohol Use, is a federally-funded research program to support the screening and treatment of patient with unhealthy alcohol use. The study focuses on practices in Wisconsin and Illinois, states that have some of the highest rates of excessive alcohol use.

INSPIRE uses evidence-based quality improvement (QI) support to increase screening, brief intervention, treatment, and referral to treatment in the primary care setting. Practice staff and recruited providers receive online and in-person education promoting the use of related workflows in electronic health record (EHR) systems.

A minimum of 125 (up to 160) small, primary care practices and health centers in Wisconsin and Illinois will be involved. INSPIRE builds on the practice facilitation infrastructure developed through the AHRQ-funded Healthy Hearts in the Heartland (H3) research study.


Grant Information
Co Principal Investigators: Abel Kho, MD, MS, and Theresa Walunas, PhD
IRB#: STU00210287
AHRQ#: 1R18HS027088-01
Northwestern University
Center for Health Information Partnerships (CHIP)
Contact: Lauren Echols, Project Manager (lauren.echols@northwestern.edu)
Phone: 312-503-4767

Learn more about the project details on the CHIP website.

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