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The Illinois Medicaid Incentive Program Education and Outreach Program meets with Illinois’s Department of Health Care and Family Services

The team, from left to right: Kayla Jeter, Sam Ross, Lindsey Kane, Janet Baxter, Eva Winckler, Theresa Walunas, and Rick Chagnon

On July 10, the Illinois Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Education and Outreach Program team traveled to Springfield, IL, to meet with the Illinois Department of Health Care and Family Services (HFS) to discuss the program’s provider support and outreach efforts. The meeting was a success, and will be the first of many to help improve and expand the program’s impact.

The Education and Outreach Program has several components, including Provider Support and a dedicated Help Desk, to recruit and educate eligible Medicaid providers in receiving EHR incentive payments from HFS. Since the program began in 2015, 3,981 eligible professionals have been reached in Chicago, and the Help Desk has responded to more than 3,000 calls from providers from across Illinois. According to survey feedback, 89% of Help Desk callers shared that they were “Very satisfied” with the service they were provided. One caller shared that, “Your help is invaluable as we navigate this process. Thanks for always being there when we need you.”

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