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Calculating Medicaid Patient Encounter Volume: A Guide to Pre-Approving Eligibility

Failed patient volume is one of the most common causes of a rejected attestation in the Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program. Rejection often stems from difficulty understanding the calculation methods used by program adjudicators to match claims analysis. Getting the right result requires careful consideration of procedure codes, secondary insurance, Medicaid managed care, and other factors that can cause discrepancies between your billing data and HFS records.

Join us for this webinar covering a step-by-step process for calculating encounter volume. Attendees will learn how to avoid common pitfalls and improve their odds of pre-approval.

About the Speaker
Sam Ross, Health Informatics Facilitator, NCQA, PCMH, CCE
Representing CHITREC’s excellent track record in developing skills for the growing HIT workforce, Sam was one of the first members of the CHITREC internship program. He now manages a wide variety of CHIP/CHITREC practice relationships and provides training and subject matter expertise for the Illinois Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Help Desk. Sam also has achieved Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Content Expert Certification.

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