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Frequently Asked Questions - Vendor

CHITREC is committed to enabling providers and vendors to work collaboratively towards achieving the meaningful use of EHRs. CHITREC is currently developing open and transparent guidelines for formally engaging vendors based on the on-going activities of: a) market-wide needs assessment of the providers served by CHITREC; and b) vetting with CHITREC legal and ONC stakeholders to insure compliance and consistency with all applicable governmental, institutional, and grant requirements.

CHITREC places the greatest importance on developing and vetting vendor-engagement guidelines as comprehensively and quickly as possible. Doing so will enable all stakeholders, particularly vendors, to most efficiently operate within the CHITREC-enabled ecosystem. Although we are unable to commit to a particular publication date at this time, we will proactively inform all vendors who have registered through the "Contact Us" section of this website.
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Register your information through the "Contact Us" section of this website.

No.  CHITREC is vendor neutral.  Although CHITREC delivers various services for providers (from consultation to best practice sharing), CHITREC aims to work collaboratively with both providers and vendors to ensure providers can achieve meaningful use.