CHITREC brings together a range of standard and individualized services and access to resources for HIT implementation.

CHITREC services include:

  • Education and training
  • Meaningful Use gap analysis
  • Needs assessment / RFP development
  • Product evaluation, selection consultation and procurement
  • Workflow analysis and redesign
  • Data conversion, including preload and interface development
  • Patient engagement / education
  • Reporting strategy
  • Clinical decision support content and design
  • Post-implementation assessment and optimization
  • E-prescribing implementation

CHITREC Services in detail:

General Educational Services and Training
Conduct workshops on: effective strategies and best practices to adopt, implement, and upgrade EHRS; demonstrations of meaningfully use certified EHR technology; clarification of Medicare and Medicaid meaningful use requirements and reporting; HIE interface development; and tools such as clinical decision support for improving the quality of health services delivered by the practice.

Customized Educational Services and Training
Conduct customized site education and training on product selection, change management, and implementation to meaningfully use certified EHR technology products. Provide training on best practices with respect to the privacy and security of personal health information, including: implementation and maintenance of physical and network security, access controls, disaster recovery, encryption and storage of backup media, human resources training and policies; and identification of state laws and regulatory requirements that impact privacy and security policies for electronic interoperable health information exchange.

Meaningful Use Gap Analysis
Conduct a customized analysis for your practice that will include a roadmap for getting to meaningful use and eligibility for Medicare or Medicaid incentive payments.

Needs Assessment and Request for Proposal Development (RFP)
Support, provide and assist the practice to develop site need assessment. Provide tools for ensuring RFP is comprehensive, supports site specific requirements, and is distributed to certified meaningful use vendors.

Product Evaluation, Selection Consultation and Procurement
Support provider in evaluating, selecting and procuring an appropriate system.

Workflow Analysis and Redesign
Support and provide in project management for the EHR implementation process, including individualized coaching, consultation, troubleshooting, and other activities such as organizational readiness, assess and remediate gaps in IT infrastructure, communicate requirements for health information exchange (HIE) and reporting meaningful use. Assist provider in reviewing the utilization of the EHRs within their practices, and providing appropriate feedback and support to improve low utilization of features essential for Meaningful Use (e.g. electronic prescribing).

Data Conversion including preload and interface development
Identify and/or direct resources for preloading- entering key information from paper charts into the electronic health record prior to seeing the patient. Assist with lab and other interfaces development.

Patient Engagement and Education
Assist with informing patients about new workflows, communication tools, patient rights and medical record access and security policies.

Reporting Strategy
Support the practice in creating and following a strategy for data collection, reporting, demonstrating for exclusions meaningful use attainment.

Clinical Decision Support Content and Design
Support, provide and assist with implementing the best practices using electronic clinical decision support tools and workflows.

Post-Implementation Assessment and Optimization
Provide assessment tools, analysis and workflow redesign consultations after adoption, implementation or upgrades.

E-prescribing Implementation
Provide implementation and training support for e-prescribing.

Working with you, CHITREC will build a customized solution to address your individual provider/practice needs. Whether it is a few services or the full range of offerings, CHITREC will create a plan to help you achieve your advanced HIT requirements and guide you along the process.

To start working on a customized resource and services solution, please complete our practice profile form or contact a CHITREC representative at: