Consumer Engagement Project

What is the Chicago Consumer Engagement Project?

The goal is to develop a city-wide infrastructure for the integration of current and future consumer oriented HIT activities, produced to ensure compliance with consumer needs and ease of use.   The objective of this infrastructure is for consumers to define and protect their interests, set goals aligned with specific health priorities of CDPH, promote quality and innovation and coordinate efforts among all stakeholders.

Through development and implementation of this infrastructure, Chicago will be recognized as a national leader for consumer engagement in HIT and its impact on health.  The project will serve as an example of how Consumers can utilize HIT to benefit their health to inform and guide broader efforts.

The Consumer Engagement Project is based on the original concepts from the Chicago Consumer Owned HIT Integration Beacon Project.  The Beacon Project was proposed to specifically focus on consumer engagement related to cardiovascular disease, while the current project may have a further reach.  Read the original Beacon Project document here:

Chicago Consumer Engagement HIT Concept Paper August 30, 2011

Consumer Engagement Kickoff Meeting

Kickoff Meeting Agenda October 3, 2012

Consumer Engagement Invitee List

Meeting Minutes

Consumer Engagement Meeting Minutes July 31, 2012

Consumer Engagement Minutes June 29, 2012

Consumer Engagement Minutes June 8, 2012

Consumer Engagement Minutes May 18, 2012

Additional Consumer Engagement Project Resources

Grant Opportunities June 13, 2012

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