CHITREC brings together resources and provides consultation, education and provisioning services to help primary care providers achieve meaningful use of EHRs. By understanding the technical and regulatory environment, CHITREC assesses individual and network needs and bridges the gaps by effectively directing appropriate resources.

Our mission

To bring together resources and create a focal point of expertise that will enlighten providers, deliver results, and build the sustainable foundation for achieving meaningful use of health IT.


Our vision

To help Chicago become a leader in the development and advanced use of health information technology.


Our goals

  • Create a not for profit, participatory infrastructure to establish a coordinated approach to use of HIT in Chicago.
  • Deliver electronic health records (EHR) and Meaningful Use consultation and solutions across all of Chicago while achieving economies of scale and an affordable cost structure.
  • Develop jobs and internships by fostering a tight relationship between our team of experts and collaborators from academia and industry, with local students, community workforce organizations and the Illinois Department of Labor to enable bilateral knowledge and work skills transfer.