ICD-10 deadline pushed back to October 1, 2015

April 15, 2014

The Senate has voted to pass H.R. 4302, the SGR/doc-fix bill which includes ICD-10 extension as part of that bill.  This means it will likely be signed into law by the President and we will see an extension of the ICD-10 deadline pushed another year to October 1, 2015.  We are awaiting confirmation from CMS on that date.

We urge PAHCOM members to use the additional time wisely and build on the training you and your practice have acquired.  For some this is a welcome opportunity to get on track.  A recent survey showed that the vast majority of practices would likely lose significant revenues if they needed to transition in 2014 as they had failed to properly prepare.  Every practice has the potential to experience a smooth and profitable transition by taking advantage of quality resources and education available for free across the industry.

Stay tuned for more information on this program and continued preparatory training and resources from PAHCOM and CMSWEDIAHIMA, and others in the industry working tirelessly to help practices realize a successful ICD-10 transition.