Boycin Medical Clinic loves switch to EHR

April 9, 2013


Dr. Ndudi Aniemeka (on the left) and his wife, Obby (on the right).

Dr. Ndudi Aniemeka, MD, and his wife Obby run the Boycin Medical Clinic on Chicago’s west side. Practicing both pediatrics and internal medicine, the Aniemekas find their electronic health record (EHR) system has improved patient care and simplified follow-up.

“If patients have an illness, the EHR flags them when they need to come for another visit,” said Mrs. Aniemeka reflecting on the convenience of how the EHR reminds the office to call patients to remind them about appointments, the tracking of vaccinations for school requirements, flu shots, and other patient-level data. “The documentation is all right there.”

The Aniemekas implemented an EHR in 2011, after enlisting help from their daughter to research a number of vendors. “For years, we tried to get to know what was in the market,” Mrs. Aniemeka explains. “We invested and bought into it, and now we can track patients better.”

In July 2012, the practice attested to Meaningful Use (MU) for their first 30 days in the Medicare EHR incentive program with help from Sam Ross, CHITREC clinical implementation manager

“Working with Sam was fantastic,” enthuses Mrs. Aniemeka. “When people ask me, ‘How do you do it?’ I say, CHITREC helped us. I’m telling you, it wouldn’t have happened without Sam,” Mrs. Aniemeka continued.

Almost a year in using an EHR, the Boycin Clinic has started to track measures for the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), a government program that promotes the reporting of clinical quality information. With their EHR, Mrs. Aniemeka says monitoring the measures is easy.  “I swear,” said Mrs. Aniemeka. “I love the EHR.”