90-Day MU Reporting Period for All Proposed

July 18, 2016

As part of the proposed rule for Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment Changes for 2017, CMS proposes that everyone in the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program will use a 90-day EHR reporting period for 2016. The rule won’t be finalized until later this year — we encourage you to submit formal comments to CMS.

[excerpt from the proposed rule]

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program

90-Day EHR Reporting Period in 2016

In 2015, the EHR reporting period for all eligible professionals (EPs), eligible hospitals, and CAHs was any continuous 90-day period, which enabled health care providers to accommodate the changes to the program that were not finalized in rulemaking until the end of 2015.

We are proposing a 90-day EHR reporting period in 2016 for all EPs, eligible hospitals, and CAHs, as we believe it would continue to assist health care providers by increasing flexibility in the program. The EHR reporting period would be any continuous 90-day period between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.

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