CHITREC nears enrollment target

December 7, 2011

The Chicago Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center (CHITREC) is proud to announce it has made partnerships with more than 1,400 primary care providers in the City of Chicago and is quickly nearing full enrollment capacity.
We has now signed a total of 1,405 providers and expects to be on target to have reached its enrollment goal of 1,486 providers into our direct assistance program before December 31.
CHITREC was established to provide resources for primary care providers committed to working to achieve Meaningful Use of electronic health records. CHITREC serves physicians who work in the 606XX zip code area.
“As local providers ourselves, we identify with the unique environment in Chicago and how that can both challenge, and benefit a provider seeking to make the transition to an EHR,” says Abel Kho, CHITREC’s co-executive director.
Currently, CHTIREC is focusing on recruiting small-practice providers and will continue to recruit them even after we have achieved our recruitment goal. If you know of a primary care physician who is interested in EHR education and training, contact us.