Resolving the CMS/MEDI mismatch error

If you receive a “CMS/MEDI Mismatch” error message when you enter provider CMS IDs in eMIPP, choose one of the two methods below to correct the problem:

Administrator privilege in MEDI

1) The MEDI account credentials entered after clicking the “Illinois eMIPP” link at must set up as administrator for the provider associated with the CMS Registration ID you’re entering. To determine MEDI administrator status, log into, click “MEDI” then click “Manage my Account.”  The provider will be listed as a “Medicaid Provider” if your MEDI account is their administrator.

2) If the provider is not listed, your MEDI account is not set up as administrator.  To become administrator, click “Registration Menu,” then click “Medicaid Provider” and complete the form. This process usually requires that you have a document from HFS called a “Provider Information Sheet.”

-For a visual on this process, view our PDF guide on MEDI Provider Registration.

Employee relationship registration in MEDI
An existing administrator can give an employee the necessary permissions to complete the attestation.

1) Contact the admin and get the employee registration key.
2) Do the employee registration.
3) Contact the admin and have them approve you as an employee for the PIP application.

-See page 7 for more details on employee registration:

If neither method resolves your issue, please contact us:

Illinois Medicaid EHR Incentive Help Desk
[email protected]
Monday–Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm