ILHIE Direct


The Illinois Health Information Exchange Direct (ILHIE Direct) Secure Messaging Solutionwasa secure e-mail program for physicians across the state. Secure messaging protects sensitive health data sent between providers in compliance with industry regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


Unlike traditional e-mail, ILHIE’s encrypted messages and attachments are sent through and then received in a secure Clinical Message Portal. Using ILHIE Direct is simple, intuitive and very much like sending an e-mail. Click here for information on service costs.

  • ILHIE Direct can help you achieve Meaningful Use!  A simple ILHIE Direct test exchange with another licensed Illinois health care provider satisfies the clinical exchange requirement for Stage 1 Meaningful Use (Core Measure 14 for Eligible Professionals and Core Measure 13 for Eligible Hospitals).
  • How are providers using ILHIE Direct?  Referrals, transitions of care, lab results or just a quick note to a provider regarding a patient – the possibilities are endless.
  • Who can register?  Any licensed Illinois healthcare provider with an NPI number can register for an account, as well as up to three support staff members. Individual providers and entities (such as nursing homes and hospitals) are eligible. Support staff without an NPI may use the organization NPI to register.
  • How do I find other providers?  Click on “Address book” on the left side of the screen. A Directory Search tab will then appear, and you will be able to enter names of providers who you would like to send a secure message to who have ILHIE Direct e-mail addresses.
  • What if I want to send a message to someone who doesn’t have an ILHIE Direct address?  You can only exchange information with someone with an ILHIE Direct account. Forward any licensed Illinois provider this information and encourage them to sign up! Or, send that provider’s contact information to CHITREC’s outreach coordinator, Kim Loch ([email protected]), and she can provide basic education and assistance with registration.
  • One last thing! All new registrants for the ILHIE Direct program must fill out a Notary form and provide a copy of your photo identification. This ensures that the providers and other healthcare staff who get an ILHIE account are who they are say they are. It’s vital to protect patient safety. One you fill out this form and have a copy of your photo ID, you mail original copies of these two documents to ILHIE Direct.

Want to learn more about ILHIE Direct?

If you are a new user of ILHIE Direct, click here to view the Direct WebMail Quick Start User Guide. If you are the administrator for your site, view the ILHIE Direct Administrator Portal Quick Start Guide. It contains instructions and screenshots that will walk you through the functions of the Portal.

Now you can watch the ILHIE Direct Webinar at anytime. Click here to view the webinar.